Curbside Trash & Recycling Information

**To ensure everyone’s trash and recycling is picked up, we would ask that your receptacles are at the curb no later than 6:30 amĀ on the day of pickup.**


Germantown Hills Curbside Recycling

Free curbside recycling for Village of Germantown Hills residents only every other week. Collecting most everything except Styrofoam.
Who is a resident? If you live within the Village of Germantown Hills Village limits and you have Village connected sewer, then you live in the Village limits.


***All recycling material must be in the recycling tote in order to be picked up. If you need a second recycling tote, you may rent one for a small additional fee from PDC Disposal Company. Call them at 309-367-4887.***


Normal pickup days for standard garbage in Germantown Hills are every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
If any day falls on a holiday then the whole schedule shifts one day. Authorized recycling containers will be emptied at curbside every other week.
The cost of standard garbage collection will be added to you sewer bill. Recycling is free and voluntary.

Holidays observed are:

(*schedule shifts by one day only when the holiday is on a weekday)
New Years Day
Memorial Day
4th of July(Independence Day)
Labor Day

Recycling Pick up Dates for 2017:

Jan 2, 3, 4
Jan 16, 17, 18
Jan 30, 31, Feb 1
Feb 13,14,15
Feb 27, 28 March 1,
March 13,14,15
March 27,28,29
April 10,11,12
April 24,25,26
May 8,9,10
May 22,23,24
June 5,6,7
June 19,20,21
July 3,5,6*
July 17,18,19
July 31, Aug 1,2
Aug 14,15,16
Aug 28,29,30
Sept 11,12,13
Sept 25,26,27
Oct 9,10,11
Oct 23,24,25
Nov 6,7,8
Nov 20,21,22
Dec 4,5,6
Dec 18,19,20

Germantown Hills Curbside Recycling List

Materials accepted:


newspaper, junk mail, magazines, telephone books, computer paper, writing paper
paperboard boxes, flattened corrugated boxes.
Do not place any items inside any bags!

Accepted Plastics:

#1 such as soft drink bottles, water bottles.
#2 such as milk, water, liquid detergent bottles.
#3 such as health and beauty products
#4 six and 12 pack ring carriers.
#5 such as syrup and ketchup bottles.
#7 other rigid plastic containers


glass bottles and jars can be clear, brown, green or blue.


Aluminum cans, and clean foil trays.
Steel cans, including empty aerosols.

Not accepted:

Wrapping paper
Paint cans
#6 Plastic
Aluminum siding, gutters, lawn chairs, small appliances, cookware, clothes hangers
tools, pluming fixtures and pipes.
Giftware, dishes, crockery, windows, mirrors.
grocery, bread, and other plastic bags,
plastic wrap, sheeting, shower curtains, tarps.
toys, plastic or metal buckets, plastic dishes, or plastic cutlery,
vinyl blinds, plastic flower pots, laundry baskets or storage boxes,

Do not place any plastic bottles,cardboard boxes or any other container
that contains Sharp items, or medical waste in the recycling container.

Wood items

: no wood items of any kind.


no waster paper, such as paper napkins, paper plates and paper towels

Please contact the Village Hall for all recycling questions.