A Reminder About Grass and Weed Growth

Take notice that an Ordinance of the VILLAGE OF GERMANTOWN HILLS, ILLINOIS, prohibits the growth of Nuisance Greenery within the Village, namely weeds or grasses exceeding a height of six (6) inches, or any plants or vegetation including trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers or ornamental plants, that unreasonably interfere with the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Village or that unreasonably interfere with the use of and access to or pose a danger to the streets, right of ways, sidewalks, and utilities, including sewer lines, water lines, power lines, and other municipal infrastructure. Owners in violation of the Ordinance may be required to reimburse the Village for the reasonable cost of cutting such Nuisance Greenery, or may be fined not less than Twenty-Five Dollars ($25) nor more than Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750) for each offense, or both. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Board of Trustees Village of Germantown Hills, Illinois