Village officials recently met with Sheriff Pierceall on August 4 regarding the rash of burglaries reported on the evening of August 2 in the areas surrounding Germantown Hills.

The burglaries on August 2 were unforced entry into unlocked cars, garages and homes. We understand the alarm that this has caused and ask for everyone’s continued assistance in keeping our community safe and to be vigilant at all times. Sheriff Pierceall assured us that he and his staff are following up on every lead and taking proactive steps as part of this on-going investigation.

Sheriff Pierceall requested assistance by the public and recommended the following:

  • Immediately report any suspicious activity directly to the Woodford County Sheriff’s Department at (309) 467-2375 or (309) 467-2376; use 911 as always for emergencies
  • Lock all side garage, car doors and house doors
  • Remove all valuables from cars parked outside
  • Tidy up and put away anything of value outside your home
  • In the event of door-to-door solicitation, don’t be afraid to ask for company ID and if they are registered with the county or village to determine if they are legitimate. If you feel they are not legitimate, tell them no thank you and immediately report them to the Sheriff’s office.

If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact the Village office.