Please contact the Village Hall to determine if your planned construction is regulated by the Zoning Ordinance. Some examples of types of construction that are regulated are homes and businesses, fences, pools, garages, sheds, decks or a roadside underdrain (culvert). Calling first will allow the Zoning Officer to work with you, and it will avoid confusion, and the possibility that your new construction might have to be moved or torn down.

Also remember to contact JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Info for Excavators) at 1-800-892-0123, prior to doing any digging. Otherwise you could be held responsible by any of the utility companies for damage done to their underground utilities.


Building Permit Fees
  • Erosion Permit-$185.00
  • New Construction-$2.00 per 100 square feet
  • Accessory Structure/Deck-$6.00
  • Fence-$25.00
  • Pool/Fence Permit-$20.00
School Impact Fee
  • $300.00 Residential
  • $250.00 Multi-family
Contribution of Cash for Park and Recreation Purposes
  • $300.00 Residential
  • $250.00 Multi-family
Sewer Hookup Fee
    • $2500.00 per hookup
    • Permit and Inspection Fee -$100.00