Grinder Pumps

Germantown Hills

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Grinder Pump Instruction

(Do’s and Don’ts)

As an owner of a grinder pump unit, please follow the following suggestions. The system is designed to handle NORMAL sanitary sewage. We do warn you about certain trash and grease that will cause problems, inconvenience, and could cost you money.

Please, DO NOT pour oils or greases into the system. Grease such as cooking oils, tallow, bacon grease, etc. will harden in the lines, and on the float switches causing the pumps not to work. A half-cup of bleach a week down the drain followed by a gallon of water may help reduce the grease build-up in the system.

Also prohibited are so-called disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, plastic tampon containers, articles of clothing, rubber goods, gravel, etc.

The above cause problems in our main sewage lift stations, pumps, and also tend to clogs gravity lines. If a customer continually abuses these regulations, the cost of cleaning and repairing the system may be charged against the property owner.

In case of a power failure, such as might occur during a storm, avoid laundry, bathing, and toilet flushing as mush as possible. Storage tank space is limited.

There is a RED ALARM LIGHT attached to the control panel on your unit. If you observe this red light on, at any time, it indicates a problem. PLEASE notify the Village immediately, and we will dispatch a service man to check it. DO NOT attempt to open the control panel or pump unit yourself.

Please DO NOT cover the basin with dirt or other material, as we must have access. Also, avoid diverting surface water over the basin, as this costs you money to pump water leaking in. If you desire more information or have a problem please contact the Village Hall at 383-2209 or the sewer plant at 383-4200. Thanks!