• Plow trucks will be dispatched for 2 inch snow and/or ice accumulation
  • No parking on Village streets after or during a 2 inch snow
  • When plowing or shoveling driveways please do not push snow on to the street
  • When following behind snowplows please stay back at least a car length
  • Plow trucks back up frequently at intersections, so please stay back since the driver’s visibility is limited
  • If you don’t need to be out in a snowstorm please stay home
  • Snowmobiles and four-wheelers are not allowed on the street
  • Walking, jogging or cross-country skiing should not be done on the street. You might not be visible to the snowplow operators.
  • Landscaping should not be placed close to the road edges
  • Please do not put your garbage cans on the street after a snowfall. They need to be placed back on the edge of your driveway so that the snowplows can get through.
  • Please keep basketball hoops and trailers off the street
  • Be patient and understanding

Thank you,
Rich Brecklin
Superintendent of Public Works